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    We understand that behind every successful medical education project are the people, from the chemists and scientists to the designers, project managers, and most importantly Healthcare Providers, working together who make it possible. At ePAT, our experts are committed to providing you with inspired global service, regulatory support and dedicated project management at all points during your medical education project.

    ePAT offers incredible customized digital solutions for patient medical education. Available in the 2 most relevant operating systems used worldwide: iOS and Android. These interactive tools are provided with the aim to enroll the patients into therapy and disease self-management in a didactic and amusing way. With our services, each of our clients can have a unique product for mobile devices with personalized functionalities.

    Clinics and Hospitals can choose between the following functionalities to have a unique product:

    •   Exercise keyboard_arrow_down

      Patients can read the full description of exercises suitable for their medical condition, accompanied by accurate images. 

    •   Video keyboard_arrow_down

      The patient has the possibility to watch the referred exercises that are suitable for his/her medical condition in video format with subtitles in their own language. This is very useful to demonstrate the exercises and clarify any doubt the patient may have. 

    •   Exercise Tracker keyboard_arrow_down

      This intuitive tool allows the patient to add data about physical activity, namely type and duration, in order to keep track of performed activities.  This data can be exported (in PDF format) and shared, which is very useful in daily management. 

    •   Nutrition keyboard_arrow_down

      This section provides interactive information about helpful foods and foods to avoid regarding each medical condition. Besides each food's description, this section also offers stunning illustrations. 

    •   Calculator keyboard_arrow_down

      This tool offers a calorie calculator, where the patient can insert some simple personal data and instantly obtain daily results of total calories needed for weight gain, weight maintenance, fat loss and extreme fat loss.

    •   Food Journal keyboard_arrow_down

      With this functionality, the patient can create, save and export (PDF format) a food diary. This is very useful to keep track of nutritional data in the patient's everyday life.

    •   My Condition keyboard_arrow_down

      Medical-scientific relevant and updated information regarding each medical condition is given accompanied by elucidating illustrations. With this tool, patients will better understand their medical condition regarding definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more, which will increase patient compliance. 

    •   Insight keyboard_arrow_down

      The patient can explore more functionalities about his/her medical condition. This tool offers, besides other possibilities, a user-friendly calendar that allows the insertion of biological parameters and values, measured in different times of day. Additionally, the app can create charts along time or by day based on those values, and export that information (in PDF format). It is a very useful tool, since patients can take this information with them to their medical appointments. This way, doctors can accompany patient evolution even after they leave the clinic or the hospital. 

    •   Reminder keyboard_arrow_down

      The app offers the user the possibility to add multiple reminders, which is a very useful tool for receiving notifications about several important moments or actions, such as medical appointments , exercising, or eating. 

    •   Quiz keyboard_arrow_down

      In this section, the patient will find an entertaining mini-quiz, with simple but relevant questions. 


    An Internet connection is required to download and install the app.


    All the functionalities function offline (except for sharing data; this functionality always requires Internet Connection) .

    All the apps have an INFO section, which give access to 5 more sections.

    • This section refers to all the scientific articles that support the content of the app.
    • This section describes the application's aim.
    • This section describes to whom the information contained in the application is exclusively for.
    • This section shows data regarding the ePAT and Healthcare Provider.
    • The Healthcare provider that sponsors the app has the possibility to add a publicity page in this section, for example to advertise some services or products.


    Add more value to this product with these extra functionalities.

    • The healthcare provider can advertise products or services, so the patient can have easy and quick access to the latest medical updates and the latest services and products available at your hospital and clinics. 
    • The healthcare provider can send messages to the patients who have an ePAT app installed.
    • A quarterly report can be requested regarding the number of users per time period and operating system (iOS and Android) for each country.


    ePAT offers the possibility to choose between 3 models of Apps. The app's functionalities can be personalized into 3 different lines of products.

    • Combination of 4 functionalities.
    • Combination of 5 functionalities.
    • Combination of 6 functionalities.