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    ePAT offers incredibly customized digital solutions for patient medical education. Available in the 2 most relevant operating systems used worldwide: iOS and Android. These new interactive tools are provided with the aim to enroll patients in therapy and disease self-management in a didactic and amusing way. With our apps, patients can benefit from incredible and interactive tools:

    •   Exercise keyboard_arrow_down

      It is known and scientifically proven that exercise helps improve certain medical conditions. With this tool, patients can read the full description, in their own language, of exercises suitable for their medical condition, accompanied by accurate images.

    •   Video keyboard_arrow_down

      Since exercise can improve the quality of life of patients with several medical conditions, seeing the movement itself will benefit patients regarding any doubt about its execution. Our videos also have subtitles in patients’ native languages.

    •   Exercise Tracker keyboard_arrow_down

      This interactive and user-friendly tool is essential to keep track of performed activities, with a data sharing functionality. 

    •   Nutrition keyboard_arrow_down

      Choosing certain foods can make a difference in improving or complicating a certain medical condition. This functionality allows a visual and elucidating insight into which foods should be avoided or consumed, regarding several medical conditions, which will play a major role in the patient’s health and quality of life.

    •   Calculator keyboard_arrow_down

      Maintaining the ideal weight is extremely important in order to manage disease and improve quality of life.

    •   Food Journal keyboard_arrow_down

      Keeping track of the food eaten throughout the day allows an increased awareness of the foods that are entering the body. It also has a data sharing possibility. This is a very useful tool to keep track of nutritional data in the patient's daily routine.

    •   My Condition keyboard_arrow_down

      This simple and elucidating tool allows for a better understanding of patients' medical conditions, such as definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment; which will increase patient compliance.

    •   Insight keyboard_arrow_down

      This functionality allows patients to explore (in different medical conditions and diseases) tools such as; a record of biological parameters and values, measured in different times of day, and with a data sharing possibility. It is very useful, since patients can take this information with them to their medical appointments. This way, doctors can accompany patient evolution even after they leave the clinic or the hospital. 

    •   Reminder keyboard_arrow_down

      With this tool, patients will never forget important moments or actions, such as taking medication, exercising, eating right or a medical appointment. 

    •   Quiz keyboard_arrow_down

      Entertaining mini-quizzes to help retain relevant information.


    An Internet connection is required to download and install the app.


    All the functionalities function offline (except for sharing data; this functionality always requires Internet Connection) .

    Besides all these functionalities, patients can also consult all the scientific references used to support the content of the app, in the app's "information" section. 

    With this powerful tool each patient will control and manage their own health and increase their quality of life.